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Streamline work process with SMART CV PARSER

What is Smart CV

Smart CV is a tool was made to simplify recruitment agencies processes

   Smart CV Simplifies:

•   CVs Parsing

•   CVs Data Entry

•   CV content search and data retrieval

•   Agency customers tracking

•   Data files centralization

•   Hiring process

Smart CV Features

Smart CV was made to be the only one, CV Parser, more than expectations

•   Multi Database (Use infinite No. of databases)

•   Multi Users (Can be accessed by many users)

•   Word, PDF and Image cv files are supported

•   Text encryption and highlighting when preparing orders for the customers

•   No data entry parameters (Only browse the cv from your computer to

     be stored in Smart CV Intelligent database)

•   Free text search (Can search any word in the cv, cv content will be your search parameters)